Saturday, January 27, 2018

My favorite Maker's Mark cocktail recipe

This was the most popular cocktail we sampled when I was doing events at BevMo! Hands down. It was a winner with everyone - even folks who thought they didn't like whiskey. People would linger near our table to get another sample. It was quite funny.

A key ingredient in this recipe is the Maker's Mark whiskey. I've tried it with a variety of whiskey's, but Maker's Mark is the way to go. The sweetness in the whiskey is just the right flavor. I never use another brand.

This cocktail is great for any party, celebration, wedding or fun get together (like football parties!) where you want an easy signature cocktail which everyone will like - and can be self serve.

makes 40 cocktails

1 bottle (25oz) Maker's Mark Whiskey
12 oz Triple Sec
64 oz Simply Lemonade
16 oz Simply Orange Juice
1T orange marmalade
1/2 jar maraschino cherries
Garnish: cherries, lemon and orange slices

Mix whiskey, triple sec, lemonade, orange juice and marmalade in a large punch bowl or drink dispenser. Add 1/2 jar of cherries (not juice.) Serve each beverage on ice.

Garnish with a cherry, lemon or orange slice.

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