Monday, January 9, 2017

Valentine gifts that give back

Elli is halfway to her fundraising goal on GoFundMe. Half way! 

I can't tell you how excited and relieved I am. Now I'm hoping she'll actually raise more than her half so Don I don't have to have our own fundraising campaign for the other half.

We've come up with a cute idea for Valentine's Day. Ok, I came up with the idea. Don doesn't understand why I won't let her run this "campaign." I just want to make sure she raises the money. Because I really (really) don't want to foot the bill for it.

She doesn't seem to mind that I've turned her into a jewelry making machine. 


We have two really cute necklaces available when you make a $30 donation to Elli's campaign. Each necklace comes with a handmade felt pouch. It's not Tiffany blue, but it was made with a lot of heart and hope - and it's really cute.

ITEM #1 XO necklace and hand-made felt pouch, $30

ITEM #2 Heart necklace and hand-made felt pouch, $30

We have a limited supply of the necklaces. Place your order before February 7th and we'll have it delivered to you before Valentine's Day.

Thank you for your donation. Order here > GoFundMe


Kris and Elli