Sunday, November 30, 2014

Glitter wine bottles

We saw these glitter wine bottles on and were inspired to make them over the Thanksgiving holiday. We're really happy with the end result. They look just like the inspiration image!!

Step one: clean all the bottles

Remove all the labels with soap and water. Use Goo Gone to remove any sticky residue.

Step two: paint the bottles

We brushed on the paint. It took four coats to completely coat the bottles. We did buy a can of spray paint for the final coat. But not sure it was better than brushing it on.

Step three: add the glitter

We hit Michael's early on Black Friday to pick up the glitter and Elmer's glue. They had an impressive selection of glitter. We chose: gold, silver, chocolate and teal. We made a little wavy template to help us keep some consistency in the bottles. We used a pencil to mark the line, then used a paint brush to apply the glue. This was definitely the fun part!!

 This bottle got the full glitter treatment!

Step four: Add a clear coat of paint to the glitter

Cover the paint on the bottle with Saran Wrap so you don't get the clear coat on the paint. You just want it on the glitter so the paint keeps it's matte finish. Give the glitter a good coat. Otherwise you'll have glitter all over your house.

Step five: Add felt to the bottom of the bottle

Glue a small piece of felt to the bottom of each bottle to protect your furniture.

All done!

{what you need}
empty bottles
flat white paint
paint brushes (for painting and applying glitter)
clear coat spray
newspapers (to paint on)
paper and pencil to make a template (optional)