Friday, May 15, 2009

Relax + Recover

Two and half years ago, my husband and I bought a business in Napa called Pollin's Interiors and Custom Upholstery.  We always talked about having our own business, so when the opportunity came up - we went for it.  It hasn't been easy, but all the hard work, stress, and sleepless nights have been worth it. 

Being from the advertising business - we're firm believers in the power of advertising and PR. We know what it can do for a business. 

So when  California Home and Design Magazine contacted us back in February to make all the furniture for a feature story about using outdoor fabrics for indoor furniture, we jumped at the chance.  We remade two sofas, a chair, and countless pillows in all shapes and sizes.  The feature includes all the pieces we made. If you go on the website you can see the before and after pictures.  Plus, there is a video interview with Don.

We also submitted photos of Michael Chiarello's new restaurant Bottega - which they included in a Napa story. We did all the patio cushions, cubes, and many of the chairs in the dining room.

Unfortunately, you can't click to see the issue anymore. 

Thanks for taking a look - it's a really big issue for us. Our own ad is in the magazine too.  It's nice to have an ex-creative from NY designing our ads. (He never has to argue with his client - which he loves. Ha!)

Feel free to pass this on to all the people you know in the SF Bay area. We'd love to keep the positive groove going in Napa!  


4/1/23 Update: we no longer own the store in Napa. And unfortunately, you can't access links to any of the work or articles anymore. Oh well. 

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