Friday, January 24, 2014

Body Scan, Body Fat, BMI

One of the perks to the Jump Start MD program is you get a body scan on your first visit to tell you just how chubby you've gotten. Everyone wants to know how much their torso weighs, right? And yes, this is a perk. 'Cuz you don't get this at Weight Watchers.
I got my second body scan at my 6-week weigh-in on Tuesday. The InBody machine can magically weigh your body limb by limb. I now know how much each arm, leg and my torso weighs. Mine weighs 44 pounds in case you were curious. It was 46 when I started. I also know my lean body mass, body fat mass (ick) and more. The good news is I've lost weight. The bad news is I need to lose more body fat, and add more muscle. 

I'm sure you know what that means.

I have to exercise.


I was really loving the first 6 weeks of the program where they told us we shouldn't exercise while our bodies adjusted to the decrease in calories.

I guess the party's over. I'm going to have to move my limbs.

I'm going to need some motivation. And a plan.

Stupid muscles.

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