Tuesday, July 5, 2011

First time away from home

Elli left tonight to go camping with another family for 5 days. This is the first time she's been away from home for more than a sleepover.

She's camping with friends in Oregon at a campground seven hours away.

It all sounded fine when they invited her two months ago. But now I'm not so sure.

I'm not sure I'm ready.

I'm going to miss her hugs and smiles. She's my little buddy.

I started thinking of all the things that could go wrong. The "what ifs" flooded my head.

"Mom, this is going to be so fun!" she squealed, as we loaded the car.

What if she gets lost?

"Mom, we're going to a famous spot to collect agate rocks. Did you pack the bags for the rocks?" She asked, sounding mature and excited.

What if she needs me and I'm not there?

What if there are bears?

What if she gets a bad bug bite?

"Mom, how much candy can I eat each day?" she asked in all seriousness.

Clearly, she was not worried about bears.

"What about cereal. Did you pack cereal? Mom?" she asked, then started digging through the snack bag. "Where's the candy?" 

I finished putting everything in the car and wondered how many of her things will be lost and won't be coming home. She's a little carefree with her stuff. I hope she doesn't lose her tennis shoes.

"Mom, thanks for packing my bags and buying all the snacks. You're the best mom ever." she said smiling sweetly.

Then she raced around the car and gave me the biggest hug ever.

"I love you, mommy." she said, her big brown eyes locked on mine.

"I'll call you every night. Unless I forget." she said smiling.

"I love you. Have fun, and be safe." I whispered, hugging her one last time.

And she was off.


  1. ....sniff sniff...:-( Don't worry - she'll be fine! Enjoy the peace and quiet for the week. I'm sure you'll appreciate it after a day or two :) BTW, can Elli come down and stay with us for a week?

  2. Believe it or not, you will get over it! But, if you think this was bad, wait until the first time she takes the car out alone.....you won't blink your eyes for about 6 hours!

  3. I know. I'm better tonight. Of course she sent me 10 text messages from the car so I felt like she was still here. I may not hear from her again until Sunday when they are on their way back! : )

  4. Oh, I already decided my kids aren't going to drive EVER. Or date. Or leave home. LOL

  5. My oldest baby went to a college campus to camp. He is at soccer camp, and they stay in the dorms. He is 13, and gets to stay up until 10:30 there. He goes to be at 8:30 at home. Next week my other baby is leaving all week. Although she will just be in volleyball camp during the day.

    I feel for you!


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