Sunday, July 3, 2011

HIking on top of the world

On Friday night Elli hiked up to the West Point Inn with our friends Lisa and Lili. The girls spent the night together on the mountain in one of the cabins.

Don and I hiked up Saturday morning with the dogs, then we all walked down together.

9:30 am 

The whole San Francisco Bay area was covered in a blanket of fog.

It's like walking on clouds.

The fog is so thick and dense you want to jump and walk across it.

The buildings in downtown San Francisco are peeking out of the fog, way in the distance.

We live down the mountain where you see the bay.

It's so beautiful I couldn't stop taking pictures. Don and the dogs were way ahead of me. 

Elli was very happy to see us.

Even the little lizards were enjoying the view.

Cabin #4 is "THE BEST CABIN" mom. According to Lili and Elli.

It has the comfiest beds.

And a most amazing view, from the quaint deck.

It even has a shower. So you can rinse off after a run on the mountain. Not that I would do that. But Lisa does. Running. Not showering. We all know I shower.

Breakfast on the patio, and a quick game of Apples to Apples, was a must before heading home.

West Point Inn

Big thank you to Lisa for taking Miss Elli. She had a great time.


  1. The view is breathtaking..........the clouds look like an extension of the pathway......I'm glad Elli had fun........I would love to stay there sometime......We all know you SHOWER!

  2. Love that place! when can we go?


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