Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ear Piercing at Claire's

Elli has been begging us to let her get her ears pierced. I've been putting it off wondering if she was responsible enough. I told her she could get them pierced when she was 13. This did not sit well with her. Don and I finally decided it would be ok - cuz we're softies - she's 8. We didn't make it anywhere to close to 13.

You can imagine her surprise when we told her on her birthday that she could get her ears pierced. It was the best moment. There is nothing better than getting something that you really, really want. It is the most incredible feeling.

So on Saturday morning we went to Claire's and she got them pierced. She was a mish mash of emotions - super excited, scared, anxious, but mostly excited. She picked out her earrings and within a matter of minutes it was done, and pretty much pain free. She said she felt like a new person. She even acted more mature!

Sitting in the chair getting ready for the big moment. (Looking a little scared!)

Squeezing the bear that resides in the ear piercing chair.

Sitting very still while we mark her ears, and make sure the dots are even.
(Isn't she gorgeous?! I can say that, I'm her mom!!)

Checking it out for the first time.

My gorgeous little lady. Snaggletooth and all!

So now she says she is ready to drive. That's right. Drive a car. She said she feels like she's 19 and she should be able to drive. Ay yay yay. What have I done?

Oh, and there was no shortage of shmoozing after she got her ears pierced. "Mom? How did you learn to be such a great mom? Was there a book?" she asks. "Well, I say. There isn't a book. You just figure it out. I think about what my mom did." I say. "Oh, cuz I  want to be just like you. So when my little girl asks for something she really, really wants....." And then she basically proceeded to tell me I'm a sucker and a softie. Oh well.

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