Saturday, September 5, 2009

One more artist to mention.

Here's one more exhibitor for the Sausalito Art Festival that I want to mention.

The company name is Chajo. They are based in Napa and make gorgeous custom wood furniture. The owners are Jonathan and Chanin, really nice youngish couple (as in my age. So youngish!) We do all the leather work for their cubes and chairs, so in essence, we're at the festival too!!

Here's a peek at a new chair we've been working on with them and their super-cool cubes with fossilized limestone tops. (You know you want one.)

Now, before you go, take at look around you. See an empty space on the wall? Are you tired of staring at the cheap print you picked up at Ross or L-N-T? Is your coffee table from 1980? Measure the space, and get your tooshie over to the festival and start shopping. It's time to spruce up. Forget about the price tags. They all take plastic. Support these talented artists. Buy some art!

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