Friday, September 4, 2009

Art, music, food, fun - this weekend in Sausalito.

The Sausalito Art Festival is this weekend. Yeah!

This is really the only art festival we go to anymore.  It has the most interesting and professional art of any show in the area - in our opinion anyway.  And it's rated the #1 outdoor art festival in America. Not sure who voted them #1. But I completely agree. I've been to a lot of festivals in my lifetime (used to do corporate event sponsorship.) I've seen it all.

They have an interesting mix of art, sculpture, music, food and wine. Here is Elli, in 2007, standing in front of a painting and a sculpture that we saw. 

We didn't buy the Chairman Mao painting, or the horse sculpture, but they definitely got our attention and got us talking. Which is what I think art should do -get your brain churning.

One of the nice things about the festival is that it's close enough to where we live in Mill Valley that we can bike to it. They have V.I.P. bike parking right up front in a secure area. It's free. Super convenient. And you feel good about not driving, especially when you live so close.

And we're not just festival window shoppers either. We always buy something. One year we bought a print. The next year a piece of pottery. And last year a huge painting from Scott Olson. Here's a sample of his style. The Olson painting is my favorite. It also cost the most, but it's something we'll have forever. 

This year I'm going to check out the wine area too.  Now that I'm on my mission to taste California wines this whole month, I should be able to check off a few new wines on my list. Not too much though. I do have to bike home.  

I love the image for this year's t-shirt. (It's the fish image above.) It was done by Tanya Doskova from British Columbia. Very cool. It's on the cover of the program too. For a copy, click here.


  1. Sounds like fun! Sorry we'll miss it! Let me know when it is next year and maybe we'll make the trek up for it. We could even bring our bikes =) I can see it now, the White Mini Van all loaded down with 4!

  2. That would be a sight to behold...........I have a bike and Don could put Dad on the back of his bike since Elli will be big enough to ride her own bike..........use your imagination.....3 Mulkey's 4 Moore's and 1 Poling riding in tandem..............Or maybe not!
    I'd love a t-shirt me one and I'll pay you back...large!
    Love you,


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