Monday, September 7, 2009

Return of shoulder pads. NO!!!

Oh jeez. I just had a major flashback to 1987.

True story: I walked into my office and realized that one of the foam shoulder pads I was wearing was missing. MISSING! I panicked. I quickly patted down my entire body to see if it had moved to a new location. Which happened a lot. Nope.  Where is it?  I quickly retraced my steps and found it on the ground in the parking garage. It had fallen out and I didn't even notice. I wonder if anyone saw it happen? It must have looked like I pooped out a big piece of foam! Nice.

This was a sign and I completely missed it.  I should have realized that foam shoulder pads worn with every clothing item I owned (including t-shirts) was a bad, and ridiculous looking idea.  But no, I stuck it back in its place and went on with my day like nothing happened.

So to my horror, I read on the front page of the Style section in the SF Chronicle that bold shoulders and shoulder pads are back.  No way. Not gonna do it.  I've been there, done that.  Am not repeating it.

The one thing I will pursue is finding the shoe they featured.  Those gorgeous, strappy sandals have my name all over them.  They better not cost a jazillion dollars or I'm going to be cranky.

Shoe update: It took forever to find these shoes on line. They were not at Nordstrom. I finally found them but they were $225. And the heel is over 4". I'll probably kill myself walking. So, no shoes for me!

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  1. Good luck walking in those, sista!! Maybe you could use your old shoulder pads to cushion the balls of your feet in those fancy-shmancy shoes :-D


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