Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yo, Oxi Clean!!

True story. It's Monday morning (yesterday). Everything is going just fine until I take a sip of coffee in the car. I can feel it drip on my pants before it even hits the fabric. Not good! I'm wearing white pants today. grrrr.

It's one spot. I have a little spray bottle of Oxi Clean in my desk drawer. I'll deal with it when I get to my office.

I pull into the parking garage. Park. Get my purse, briefcase and coffee. I'm not going to drink it until I can tighten down the lid. I'm not even out of the garage and I feel coffee on my hand again. No!!!! Yes, this time it has dribbled all down my pant leg.  Great.  I have a client meeting this afternoon. 

I get to the office grab my little spray bottle and head right to the bathroom. I spray it all over my pants. It's not working. I spray. I dab with water. Great. It's not coming out.

I read the back of the package. It has a list of items that it "works great on." The first one listed is COFFEE. Uh huh. I'm really glad I didn't spill any of the other things that "It works great on" which happen to be grape juice, tea, wine, ketchup, chocolate, blueberries and strawberry jelly. For directions it says:

1) Wipe excess residue
2) Spray Oxi Clean over entire stain
3) Blot to remove excess moisture. Wait a few seconds and watch stain disappear.
4) If needed, repeat.

It says I can watch it disappear.  Well, I'm staring at my pants right now and I still see it. It has not disappeared before my eyes. Humph. Me not happy. 

It also has an 800# to call if you have a really tough stain. Well, I do. But they are probably going to tell me to throw my pants in the wash which is a brilliant idea - If I wasn't sitting here at my desk. So I'm not calling.

Maybe I need to try one of those Tide sticks.  You know the one that Kelly Ripa has on TV? Where she rubs it on the stain and voila! stain is all gone. 

Wait, isn't that what Billy Mayes used to do with Oxi Clean. Was I tricked?

No, I think anything that sounds too good to be true is. And having my coffee stains miraculously disappear before my eyes was definitely a long shot.

Oh well. Hopefully no one will be looking at my pants.

UPDATE:  I'm happy to report the stains came out in the wash. I did soak all the spots with another stain remover when I got home. Just to be sure.

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  1. This is Julia Child of Sun City West...........I did not make you swim......you begged!


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