Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Memories...from the corner of my mind...

On Tuesday night we had dinner at Bottega Restaurant with Joe and Cherrie Anderson, colleagues from Dallas from way back when. When I say "colleages" I really mean the boss Don and I used to work for back in the 80's. Joe owned a small agency in Dallas. He hired me as an intern. Don worked for him as an art director in their Houston office. 

It seems like a million years ago.  It kind of was! It was the summer of 1986.  One of my jobs was sorting through newspaper tearsheets. (A tearsheet is basically a copy of the ad that ran.) I remember being in a small conference room filled with tearsheets and orders that I had to sort through. I left the room covered in newsprint each day. I finally finished that arduous task and was assigned to an office, which was conveniently located in the supply cubby.  Need a pen?  No problem. Paper clip? Staples? I'm your gal. This was WAY before sticky notes, fax machines and clips.  Seriously, it was.

Anyhow, I survived that first summer, and moved up in the world. Eventually getting transfered to our Houston office where I met my future husband, Don. 

Poor Don, kindly asked me to go to a "Pub Crawl" with him as a nice gesture to the new girl in the office. I thought it was a date. He thought he was just being nice. We had a GREAT time on the pub crawl (date) and I ended up kissing him at the end of the night. That was 1989. The rest is history.  HOLY COW!  I've been with Don 20 years.  Ay caramba.

Long story short, Joe and Cherrie Anderson were in Napa and we had a lovely dinner with them. It was great catching up. I'm definitely not the same intern that babysat their kids (I did.)

For a really good laugh, here's a picture of me and Don from 1989.  Yep. I really thought my hair was cool. I had this photo in my office cubby for a long time (hence the thumb tack hole in the middle of the photo.) It was my favorite picture of us.  

I seriously can't stop laughing at my hair! Too funny.

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