Tuesday, August 11, 2009

mmmmmm bacon

I think Homer Simpson made the phrase uber-famous.

But come on. What doesn't taste better with bacon? Homer was right! That fake tofu, cardboard stuff does....not.....count.  Forget it.

I feel sorry for those non-bacon eating folks out there. They are really missing out big time.

Seriously, how can you go through life without at least one BLT. Freshly toasted bread, with heirloom tomatoes, crisp lettuce, crispy bacon and just a touch of mayo? 

Did you know that the BLT is the second most popular sandwich in the U.S. - according to Wiki? I don't know about you but it's always my go to sandwich in a new strange diner. 

I have a friend that got "Bacon-of-the-month" as a gift once.  At first I thought that was a weird gift. But then I thought, ooooh..  Honey Bacon, Pepper Bacon, Smoked Bacon, Thick Cut Bacon, Thin Cut Bacon..... Yeah, I think I would be ok with bacon as a gift.  But not from Don.  If he gives me bacon as a gift he'll be in big trouble.  Unless it's accompanied by a a blue box with something sparkly. (yes, you've just seen my true colors.)

back to bacon.....

I was checking the email inbox - and the word bacon caught my eye. Stop! Click.

Zazu Restaurant in Santa Rosa is having a frickin bacon fest. They even have a creme brulee made with maple and bacon. Oh yeah. Check it out. 

I think we might just have to take a little road trip on September 26th or 27th. I'm not sure I want to splurge for the whole 5 courses. But the Saturday outing sounds fun too. Plus, since I've started writing this blog I've put on a few... if you know what I mean. 

Maybe I should start writing about exercising.  I did buy swim goggles this weekend.....

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