Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Movie Review: Inglourious Basterds

On Monday night Don and I got an unexpected reprieve from little miss sassy - Elli had a last minute sleepover. We quickly decided we wanted to go see a movie.  The theatre down the road had a movie starting at 7pm. It was 6pm. Perfect.  We nuked some leftovers for dinner and headed to the movie.

First let me say how crowded the movie was on a Monday night. It was like Saturday night. I thought this was strange and interesting. I don't think I've ever been to a movie on a Monday night. Who knew?

Anyway, once the movie finally started (after 20 minutes of scary previews) I leaned over to Don and asked what movie we were seeing.  He looked at me like I had two heads. 
"It must be a scary movie from all the scary previews," I said.
"It's Inglorious Basterds," he said.
"What?" I said.  
"The Nazi movie," he said. 
I thought about it for a minute. Then I remembered.
"OH!!! The Brad Pitt movie," (purrrrrr)
No comment from Don. He just rolled his eyes. (Yes, this is me in real life.)

I seriously must have been so focused on the fact that Brad Pitt was in a movie that I never paid attention to the name of it. Ever. So not sure what this says for me, or the marketing of the movie. But they totally miss-fired with me. Completely.

Anyway, the movie was typical Quentin Tarantino - scary, mysterious, gory, thrilling, unnerving, and unbelievable. Full of violence and gore.  Just like the war.  It was an excellent movie.  I have to say Pulp Fiction is still my favorite movie he's done.  (The soundtrack for that one clinched it for me.) But this one is in a very close second. I would like to see it again, but I need to recover first. Some movies are like that for me.

If you want to see this movie be prepared. It's not for the faint of heart. My stomach was doing backflips during the movie.  Not sure if it was from the leftovers, watching the movie, or my nerves from everything else going on in my life. But it was rumbling and talking to me. Don't worry, nothing happened. But I was ready to flee the theatre if necessary.

Here's the preview in case you haven't seen it.  Oh, did I tell you Brad Pitt is in the movie? Ha.

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