Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The icky spoon.

I haven't thought about our family "icky spoon" in ages. 

But I was just on a website (The Kitchn) that had a picture of a horrible looking spoon (pictured here) and I remember our family "icky spoon." (Sorry to whoever made this spoon. But it doesn't look appealing to me.)

I'm sure I'll get the story wrong. But my recollection of the random spoon in the drawer is that it came from my mother's side of the family.  It had a definite metallic taste whenever you ate with it. So it was always the last spoon in the drawer.  No one ever wanted to eat with that spoon.

So here's the big question, "Why didn't my mom throw out that spoon?" D
id she like watching us squirm while we tried to eat our oatmeal with it?  We had a jillion spoons. Did we really need this one? Did it have sentimental value? Was it valuable?

I really want to know.  And whatever happened to that spoon anyway?  

So mom, please click on the comment button below and fill me in.  I'm dieing to know!

8/26 Update:  My mom left a comment and sent me a photo of the spoon. She still has it! She was cracking up that I wrote about it. You just never know where my mind will wander next. 

The spoon came from her side of the family. She thinks maybe it was in her grandmother's silver. She has been passing it back and forth to my aunt and uncle for years.  She was the last one to receive it - again. It's still adorned with a pretty bow. 

I can see why she didn't throw it away. It's not a bad looking spoon. Just a bad tasting spoon!

I have a bad feeling I'll be getting it for Christmas.


  1. ha ha ha! I forgot all about the icky spoon! That's a darn good question though - why DID you hold onto it Mom?? It's like holding onto the spoon that went through the disposal and cuts up the inside of your lips every time you eat with it! Ben guilty of that myself....[in a whiney voice] "but it was one of my wedding gifts..." LOL!


  2. Oh my goodness.......the "icky spoon" has a terrible taste....We have had it in our family for years, for some reason, and we have sent it back and forth to each other forever. We would always try to hide it in a present for birthdays or holidays and when the recipent found it they would yell and scream because they didn't want to taste or hold this spoon that in my opinion tastes like "bad breathe smells.
    The good news is the spoon is NOT lost....I have it. So, beware.....the next surprise you get make have the "icky" spoon hidden beneath, behind or under something.....
    Bon Appetit!


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