Thursday, July 30, 2009


RN74 is not what you might think. It's one of chef Michael Mina's restaurants in San Francisco. Who is Michael Mina you ask? Well, he's been awarded some top chef honors and has quite a restaurant collection as part of his restaurant company. I haven't eaten at any of his restaurants. But I'm intrigued now that I've been to the bar at RN74. 

Wilfred and I hung out here for an hour or so last week. We like to play a little game at the bar. We have the bartender pour us a few wines from the wine list. Then we try to guess what they are. It's always fun.  I'm not very good at the game. I can rarely identify the varietal, forget about identifying which one it is on the menu!

We had a great bartender today. His name was Jose. He picked some really hard wines. We didn't do very well guessing. But most of the fun is trying wines you might not have selected.

Of course as we're sitting there Wilfred is taking pictures of the restaurant, our stuff, the wine bottles. We draw a lot of attention. Before you know it Wilfred is passing out cards and make friends with everyone in the bar. He's a really friendly fellow. And a bit of a superstar since his name is all over BevMo! People recognize his name and love talking to him.

We could have hung out there for a while. But he had a dinner meeting at Town Hall and I had to get home. I wish I could remember the wines we tried.  I really liked the Syrah. Good thing Wilfred documents everything. I can get the name from him later.

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