Sunday, April 5, 2009

The best Southern Cuisine

Years ago, Don and I were lucky to go to Kiawah Island and Charleston, South Carolina on a business trip.  We took a few extra days after the business was over and stayed in Charleston.  What a cool city!  We toured the navy ships and walked their charming streets.  But the one thing I remember the most, was dinner at a restaurant called Magnolia's.  I just did a google search and it's still there.  

They had the most amazing Southern food, presented in a beautiful way. Not big, huge, portions lumped on a plate.  It was presented like gourmet cuisine.

They serve a lot of their entree's on creamy grits.  Yum -my.  We tried a tuna filet for the first time.  The waiter convinced Don to get the Tuna rare, that it will taste just like steak.  He was right.  It was amazing.  

While we were eating, a group of about 4 couples were in the bar waiting for a table. They were a rowdy bunch having a great time.  The ringleader of the group was in charge of the drinks.  He had a really strong southern accent.  Everytime he said Bloody Mary - it was drawn out and sounded like Bluuuudy Mareh.  We couldn't stop laughing.  And of course we had to try a Bloody Mary.  It was delish.  Tomatoey, peppery, just perfect.

I've tried to copy their grits over the years and never could get it right.  I just discovered they sell their grits on their website.  Now maybe I can finally make them right.  

To order grits: click here

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  1. Magnolia's is the best! We are headed down to the Charleston/Savannah way for Clay's spring break.
    Try most red meats with my new find; Menage a Trois!!Oh yeah-it's a blend of three wine's; Zinfandel, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. (From Napa, of course!)


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