Saturday, February 1, 2014

Lycra in blue jeans

Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be a humiliating experience for women.

One out of a dozen pairs may fit. Some are impossibly tight in the hips or the waist. Others are so slim in the thighs you can't pull them up much farther than your knees. And there's the pocket placement on your butt. Some are so low the pockets are on your thighs. Others have pockets so tiny they make your butt look twice as wide.

And then there's the final button. Do you have to suck in your gut to button it? I will admit I have put on a belt and undid the top button because my waist just couldn't take the pressure. It helped with the muffin top, too. There's nothing more uncomfortable, or unflattering than your gut poofing over your waistband. It's referred to as a muffin top which is an excellent descriptor. It also looks a bit like you have a pool noodle strapped on your waist.

This is where the magic of Lycra saves the day. This magical fiber gives good old cotton some stretch. You no longer feel like you are being strangled by your denim, which eventually does stretch and then sag with every bend. Lycra offers give and take. It stretches with you, and keeps it's shape. No more muffin top, saggy butt, and droopy knees.

I bring all this up because today I am wearing a pair of jeans without Lycra. They're an old pair I found in my closet. They were put away a few years ago, because I had temporarily outgrown them. But now that I've lost 15 pounds I thought, hey, I bet I can fit in those old jeans. And my other favorite pairs were dirty so I was a bit desperate.

They fit. Which is a miracle, but boy do they feel weird and stiff. No Lycra stretch. Just 100% cotton. I'll admit, I did the unbutton/wear a belt trick. No one can tell because my shirt flows over my waistband.

I feel pretty awesome for fitting in those jeans. But I do miss the comfort of Lycra. Time to do the laundry.

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