Tuesday, January 28, 2014

HGTV Dream Home

See this house? It's going to be mine soon. Or at least that's what I'm hoping. No, I'm not buying it. I'm going to win it.

HGTV is giving away this "Dream Home" in Truckee, CA which is in North Lake Tahoe. It's two and a half hours from where we live in Mill Valley, and the town where many of our ski friends have their second homes.


I've been registering for the contest every day. Haven't missed a day, because what if that is day from which they pick the winner. That would suck.

I fantasize about throwing summer parties, spending Christmas in Tahoe with my family, and letting our dogs run like maniacs in the woods. Our tiny little bland condo in Mill Valley is the polar opposite of this home. It has no personality, warmth and style. We don't belong there, but we're stuck there.

See how beautiful it is? I can smell the pine trees.......

I know I am potentially setting myself up for disappointment. I'm sure they get millions of entries. I am sending telepathic energy to the random number generator which they probably use to select the winner.

I did win a trip to Egypt once. I was the big winner from KLIT radio in Houston, Texas back in 1989. I ran around telling everyone how I was going to win because Egypt was the last place I ever wanted to go. And I won.

Wish me luck! Watch for a housewarming invite soon. I'm going to win this thing.

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