Saturday, June 9, 2012

Is anyone there?



Anyone here?


I know, I know. I've been M.I.A.

I used to be obsessed with writing this blog. Then I got my new social media job with BevMo! I'm so busy tweeting and Facebooking and creating websites, I barely have time to breathe, let alone write something on the blog.

I've gone days without even thinking about it.

Sometimes a week will pass. {gasp!}

It's crazy.

I used to obsess over my stats, comments, etc. Not anymore.

I thought I was busy before. I had no idea what busy was.

Seriously. No idea.

My family is taking it well. I'm on the computer ALL THE TIME.

The house is not clean.

The meals are not good.

The family is hanging in there.

Elli ate noodles for lunch everyday last week. Of course she loves noodles. But sheesh. Good thing she's the happiest, most awesome kid on the planet.

The good news?

I love my new job. I'm doing all kinds of fun stuff with pr, social media, grand openings and events - it's the perfect job. It's a culmination of all the things I've done in my career. And all stuff I love to do. But it's a lot for one person to manage. So I'm a tad crazy sometimes! (aka cranky)

One of the downsides is driving to Concord every day. It's about a 50 minute drive. The best part is I have a new carpool buddy two days a week. Marian and I started the same day. We both live in Mill Valley. We're working together on grand opening stuff and we get along great. We've shared lots, and lots of laughs in the car. She even let me drag her to bars in Paso Robles way past her bedtime (with a couple of spirits vendors that were super fun), and she forgave me afterwards. I'm pretty sure we'll be friends for life.

The biggest thing I've done so far is create this wedding website for BevMo! We launched it in conjunction with the summer 5 cent wine sale. How perfect is that? You can get a whole case of wine for your wedding for just 60 cents. Wish they had that when I got married!! (So does my dad!)

I wrote the whole site and had an amazing freelance designer create it. I even wrote a little brochure to go along with it.

The site launched last Monday. We had over 20 brides sign up in the first three days. YA-HOO!

I'm hoping I'll have a teeny tiny bit of free time now so I can write a blog post, or two, from time to time.

Of course I still have 18 more grand openings to deal with this year. So that may, or may not happen.

You may want to visit me on or on Twitter @bevmo That's where I am most of the time!

It was good seeing all of you!

I'll be back. I promise.

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