Sunday, May 13, 2012

My new Dyson Animal vacuum

Happy Mother's Day!

Don't laugh. But Don and Elli gave me this for Mother's day. The Dyson Animal.

Yep. I got a vacuum.

Not exactly what I had in mind. I did imagine a gift in a box. A pretty blue box. Or a silver box. Or a box that fits in the palm of your hand.

Not a box big enough for Elli to make a fort - which is what she did the minute the new vacuum was lifted out.

They did get me a cute pair of jammies too. So that's good.

And Don did do the vacuuming today. Another plus. But then he proceeded to tell me how hot and sweaty he got vacuuming - so I doubt he'll be manning the animal again anytime soon. The machine is so strong and powerful it's harder to maneuver.

So here's the good part.

Our floors and carpets are clean. We were shocked and disgusted with how dirty they were. We thought we had a nice vacuum. (SEBO) But it was not doing the trick.

We filled up the Dyson container after vacuuming the house. FILLED IT UP! As in it was so full of dirt and dog hair we had to empty it.

I'm obsessed with vacuuming our house because the dogs and humans here seem to drag in dirt and leaves all the time. I vacuum like crazy 'cuz it bugs me. Which is why they probably thought I needed a new vacuum, I guess?

The suction is so strong with the Dyson the carpets look fluffier and cleaner - because they are!

So, it may not have been the box I was hoping for. But it is an amazing little machine. I look forward to sweating with it next weekend. Maybe it will be my new exercise plan.


  1. Lucky you! Seems to me I got a fancy iron a couple of years ago, and a new vacuum last year (not sure if that was a FD present, but oh, well,it makes a good story.) Maybe for this FD I will get a new broom - our broom is REALLY shot. The bristles or whatever they are called are only about 3 inches long, so how is Houseboy supposed to get his "work" done?
    Glad you are enjoying your new vacuum and Happy Mothers Day once again!

  2. Never thought I'd say this about a vacuum, but IM JEALOUS!!!!


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