Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My lottery plan.

Have you ever thought about what you would do with your lottery winnings when you win?



Of course you have. Everyone has. It's fun to dream about all the things you'd buy or do with the money.

I've had this really strong feeling about the lottery lately. It could be because it's been in the news. I don't know, I just had this feeling I should buy a ticket.

So I did.

How cool would it be if I won!

I know exactly what I'd do with the money.

1. Pay off our debts.
2. Pay off the mortgages of our immediate family members - my parents, my sister, brothers, my nieces and nephews, brother and sister-in-laws
3. I would buy us a house.
4. Set up a trust for Kiddo! here in Mill Valley.
5. Set up a college scholarship for kids that want to study the arts - dance, music and art.
6. Set up a foundation for small business. I would want us to be like AFLAC. We're there for you in emergencies. We would give 1x only "gifts" to help out when times are tough.
7. Pay for my mother-in-laws retirement care
8. Buy Don a new car
9. Go shopping for new stuff. For. Sure. And it won't be at TJMAXX.

I told Elli my plan, up through #7,  and she thought I was nuts.

"Why would you give away all the money? That's crazy." She was looking at me like I really had the money and had indeed gone crazy.

"Elli, we'd have so much money we wouldn't need it all. I would love to give back to people that need it. Plus, I'm just saying what I would do IF I won."

She sat there thinking about this.

"Okay." she said with a sigh. Will you buy me something?

"Elli, remember, we haven't won yet. This is only make believe." sigh

"I want an iphone 4G. Will you get that for me?" she said smiling.

I want to be back in 5th grade where all I want is a phone.

"Yes. I promise to buy you an iphone if we win."

Someone has to win. Why not me?

# # # 

I just checked the lottery website.

We didn't win.

wah waaaah.

In fact there were no winners for the Mega Millions drawing.

I really thought we were going to win. Maybe I am crazy! My gut told me we were going to win.

Totally misread that one. And now I'm out ten bucks. Damn.

The estimated cash value is now $341 million.

hmmm. More like $341,000,010.

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