Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Review of Super Duper Burger

There's a new joint in town called Super Duper Burger, and it's fantastic.

I mean really, unless you're a vegetarian, there's nothing like a big, fat, juicy burger and fries. And they make a really, really good burger.

We've been there for lunch two weekends in a row. Lucky for me they have salads, too. Because Don is in love with this place and I will never lose weight if I eat burgers and fries every weekend.

The burgers go on the grill looking like a big meatball, then they're smashed into perfection.

Home made pickles in jars line the wall. You can help yourself to some pickles while you're waiting for your burger. The fries are super crispy and seasoned just right. The lemonade is sweetened with brown sugar. You can even get a cold beer on tap, or a glass of wine.

Don says it's "messy and extremely good." And trust me. He knows a thing or two about burgers.

We kind of love this place.

Restaurateur and owner Adriano Paganini says "our burgers are highly addictive." We couldn't agree more. He knows a thing or two about food and flavors that are addictive. He's the owner of Pasta Pomodoro!

Elli loves it and so do all her friends.

We'll see you there next weekend.

Super Duper Burger
430 Miller Ave
Mill Valley, CA

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  1. Thanks for bringing Maya and I there - I agree that it was super duper!! Can't wait until next time :-)

  2. I need to go! Thanks for the super duper post! I wouldn't believe just anybody, you know!


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