Monday, January 16, 2012

My six beauty resolutions for 2012

When I look in the mirror I see two things I don't like, no three, maybe four. Sheesh. It's probably not good to count.

There are wrinkles, gray hairs, dark circles under my eyes, too many chins and little sun spots on my cheeks.

And then there are my fingernails. I love when they're painted and all pretty. I just haven't taken the time get a manicure or do one at home in a while. It's time.

So where to start. Unfortunately, there's not much I can do about the dark circles. I've inherited those from the Elliott family - thank you very much. I'm going to test out some new concealers and try to get more sleep. Maybe that will help.

Let's tackle things I can do something about.

1. Wrinkles - I picked up Oil of Olay Regenerist to help with the battle of the wrinkles. I've been using Oil of Olay products for a while and are pretty pleased with them. But I usually just purchase the basic day and night creams. It's time to up the ante. I need serious wrinkle relief. I'll keep you posted.

I also bought a PRO-X face cleansing system. I've been meaning to try one of these systems. I found this one on sale at Walgreens. Can't wait to try it. I'm expecting to walk out of the shower a new woman.

2. Nails - there are a ton of cute Essie polishes at Walgreens. I had no idea. I picked up a few. So watch for some fabulous nails coming your way soon.

3. Hair - I'm scared to color my own hair. I've never done it. Ever. So I'm going to have to ask around for some advice on this one.

4. Sunscreen - I have to wear more sunscreen. The sun has not been my friend. My face is begging me. My new face lotion has SPF in it. That will help a lot.

5. Skin - Elli and I have both vowed to apply lotion everyday. The dry winter air is really killing our skin. Eucerin Cream is our favorite. It feels really silky. Now we just need to remember to use it.

6. Lose 10 pounds - My goal is to lose 10 pounds in the next 10 weeks. I'm hoping to lose a pound a week. Sounds reasonable, right?. They lose like 15 pounds a week on The Biggest Loser. Surely I can lose one measly pound a week. Now if I could just get Bob, the trainer, to come live with us.

You can stop laughing now. I really do have those thoughts. I could clean out the guest room, set it up all nice.

Ha, ha, ha.  I'm kidding.

Really, I am.

I'm not crazy you know. Just goofy.

Nails - this is just a few of the Essie polishes they have. It's awesome.

Sunscreen. Check.

Eucerin Creme - our favorite lotion.

Regenerist - My going-to-battle-against-wrinkles partner.

This PRO-X is going to be the miracle maker. I just know it.
What about you?

What's your beauty routine? Are you trying anything new this year? I'd love to hear. I'll take all the advice and tips you have.

I really need some help with the gray hair. Anyone want to share their secret?

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  1. You think YOU have wrinkles. Let me tell you about wrinkles....and grey in my hair? If I didn't have grey I'd be bald! Well enough of my problems, it sounds like a great plan. I want to lose 5 in the next 10 weeks. Wanna race?

  2. Wrinkle, who's got the wrinkles.....I remember the time I got these drops you sere supposed to put under your eyes to make the wrinkles go away....they sure did, but I couldn't move my cheeks...they were frozen in space...I tried to smile and I felt like Phyliss Diller....good luck Kris.....I decided to give in and just smile and keep on talking.....that way no one has time to notice any thing except "she talks alot"...


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