Sunday, November 13, 2011

2011 Napa Valley Film Festival

Rachel and Kris
The invitation to attend the Napa Valley Film Festival came through the Clever Girls Network. I applied thinking I had a pretty good chance of getting picked since I live in the Bay Area and work in Napa. And I did!

Adrian and Rachel
Lucky for me two of my blogging buddies were also selected - Rachel of Mommy Needs a Vacation and Lizz of Am I A Funny Girl

What a fun time we had drinking with our Clever Girl friends on the rooftop deck of the Avia hotel, hob-nobbing with movie directors, producers and actors like Adrian Grenier. (The hunk on Entourage.)

Our passes got us in the TweetDeck VIP area, all movies, wine tastings all over Napa, and the late-night "after party."

George Clooney was there early in the week for the screening of his movie. Adrian Grenier was on a panel talking about his new online platform dedicated to sustainable design and conscious consumer. And they launched their brand new SHFT Pinot Noir that I tried and LIKED!

Seriously, do they think I'm the other Kris Mulkey spelled with a CH, the Twin Peaks Chris Mulkey? Holy guacamole.

Flora Springs was serving up their wine all day in the Tweet Deck bar. Really loved the Sauvignon Blanc. Although the Cabernet was pretty tasty, too.

We then capped off our super fun Saturday with dinner together at Carpe Diem Wine Bar in Napa. I was in heaven.

Truffle popcorn. OMG.
Seriously. I'm just a wee little blogger in the big bad land of blogging. How did I get here?

Thank you Clevers and blogging buddies. I had a great time.  See you next year!!!!??!!

Back L to R: Kris, Lizz, Kristy, Deidre Front Row: Ngan, Robin, Cat, Rachel, Erin

Hey, while you're at the Avia Hotel don't forget to visit my friends Kathleen and Elizabeth at their store WEST END NAPA and drink some wine in the JOHN ANTHONY TASTING ROOM.


  1. Wow! That sounded like so much fun!!! Love opportunities like that :-)

  2. Oh, I love this and wish I'd been there with you ladies!

    And how lame-o am I that I didn't even know who the hottie-dude was??! Don't watch that show!!

  3. OH YEAH BABY!!! We had a blast!! Can we do it again this weekend?!??!?!

  4. Seriously!! It was fun having a drink sponsor. : )

  5. Looks fun to me! Glad you were able to participate.

  6. That looks like a fabulous time! What an awesome opportunity!


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