Sunday, September 4, 2011

2011 Sausalito Art Festival

We just got back from the festival. It was terrific, as usual.

You really should go if you haven't gone. It's one of the top fine art (& music) festivals in the country. It's not cheap ($25/adults and $15/kids) but there are coupons around town - so look for them. I snagged a bunch of $5 off coupons when I was in Napa one day. They had a stack of them at a local toy store. We didn't need them all so I handed them out to the crowd which made a bunch of people very happy. I hope they spent the $5 they saved at the beer booth. I know we did.

We saw some new artists this year and some of our favorites. We heard classic rock, folk, and opera while we were there, too.

We saw a lot of people buying art and jewelry. The artists seemed to be quite pleased. We did our part and purchased two small pieces. Nothing big cuz we're kind of on a tight budget. Elli even brought some of her own money and bought a gorgeous, glass paperweight.

There were several large pieces we really loved. I have the artists' cards. Because you just never know!

Here's some of the cool stuff we saw:

Seung Lee Printmaking
Fun sculptures.
"Really Fat Cat"
This looked so real. Scary!
Scott Olson is one of our favorites.
Red Wolf Fine Art
Mark Anderson, St. Helena

Jim Budish - This dog sculpture was as tall as me!
Seal sculpture made from trash found on the coast.

Save the seals. Don't litter.
Yummy Udon Noodles
Jewelry made from recycled traffic light glass
Robert Weil we bought one of these.
Elli bought one of these paperweights. She had a tough time deciding which one.
Brian McGuffey
Sutherland Glass Art


  1. Haven't been since the little one was born. On next year's to do list.

  2. I'm not a huge jewelry person, but I really like the recycled traffic light stuff. :-)

  3. The jewelry was really cool. I had my eye on the bracelet!


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