Saturday, September 3, 2011

No white after Labor Day

It's a dumb tradition if you ask me.

I thought this rule didn't apply anymore. But I've seen two or three mentions of it in blogs the last few days, so I guess it still does.

Who cares?

Will the "What's Not To Wear" people come and give me a ticket? Will I be a Glamour Don't? Does that still exist? 

I'd welcome the WNTW people to visit me. I'm still wearing clothes that I bought in Connecticut. And I moved here in 2005. That's gotta be a major don't in someone's fashion bible. Oh, and my big silver earrings. Got those in 1986. Still wear them. Still love them.

Here in Northern California our best summer weather often occurs in September. So I'm sorry, but if it's sunny and hot out I'm wearing whatever I want. And that just might be white.

This is my favorite jacket. Those of you that know me will agree. I wear it all summer. It gets tossed in the wash each week, air dried and it's good as new. The temperature here in crazy Northern California can shift 35 degrees from San Francisco to Mill Valley to Napa.  It will be 90 degrees in Napa and 60 degrees at home. Seriously. You can hang with me for a day and see for yourself.

So there is no way I can pull out the fall clothes now. I would be hot and sweaty. It would not be pretty.

And what about all the people in Florida, Hawaii, and other tropical places? Are they exempt because it's tropical and all Tommy Bahama anyway?

I think the temperature should dictate what fabrics we wear. And no one should dictate what color we wear. Ever.

I was just about to step off the pedestal when it also occurred to me that some people only drink certain beverages in the summer - like pinot grigio, or sauvignon blanc and rosé. I say, if you like it, and it's available, then drink it.

Now don't get me wrong. I don't think we should hunt down winter squash in the middle of summer. That's crazy. Why would you pass up seasonal farm-fresh goodness to eat a pumpkin from some place that grows pumpkins in the middle of summer.

Okay. I'm done now.

What traditions bug you?

Oh, and for those of you wondering. It took me about 100 shots to get this one dorky picture of myself. Don was asleep on the couch so I had a little photo shoot on the patio with the camera, tripod and the timer. I need to read the manual because every single picture was out of focus. Except this goofy shot. It's ok. I'm goofy. So it works.


  1. You have fall clothes? Mine are exactly the same from January until December. You always look so put together, hard to imagine you struggling with fashion. And I get the WNTW crew if they come to our town! Just saying!

  2. Thanks, Rachael. I love fashion. So if it were up to me I would have a closet like Alicia Silverston I Clueless. But I don't have the bucks or space for that!

    Sorry for SHOUTING in the post. A little too much caffeine, perhaps?

  3. I don't understand why we allow these "rules" in our lives either. A big one for me? Soup. I happen to really like soup. Order soup in June and people want to commit me. It's not like I'm eating outside or at the beach. I'm eating it in a well air conditioned Floridian restaurant. :-) Screw 'em. I'm gonna eat soup.


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