Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm still here.


It's been a long, busy, sweaty, depressing week.

I got another job rejection to add to my long list of job rejections.

It's been hot. There is no A/C at home and not much at the store which is making me sweaty, smelly and cranky. I hate sweating.

I have anxiety about going camping tomorrow.

We're meeting my sister and her family, which I know will be a lot of fun, but I'm stressing about packing, bears, taking the dogs, bears, and sleeping in a tent for four days with bears.

Our house is a mess. Which always adds to my anxiety.

Don spilled my travel mug of coffee in his office tote a few days ago.

"Why don't you ever empty your coffee mug!" he grumbled.

"Why did you put my coffee mug  in your tote?" I asked.

This was not a welcome response.

Now brown stained paper is strewn all over the house to dry. Our house looks like a recycling center.

It's dry now. But it's still everywhere.

I did write a post for TRDC last night which I posted this morning. But it was crap so I took it down.

The good news is I connected with two companies yesterday and have a couple new interviews coming up.


  1. I really hate those days/weeks. I get scolded too for leaving have empty coffee mugs all over the house. And camping - I hate it. We went once with a group of friends, but I was so freaked out about having to pee in the woods in the middle of the night that I stopped drinking all liquids by noon! Good luck with the interviews.

    - Emily

  2. See! Right there! A typo - "have empty coffee" when it should have been "half empty coffee"! That is why I have comment anxiety.


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