Thursday, July 28, 2011

Vernal Falls and Bridalveil Falls at Yosemite

We took the family to Yosemite on Tuesday.

The plan was to hike a few trails before heading back to Bass Lake where we were camping.

We started with the easy Bridalveil Falls before we ventured to Vernal Falls.

Bridalveil Waterfall

Elli with her cousins Maya and Ben

Bentley and Sam got to go too.

When we got to the trail head for Vernal Falls we noticed a sign posted on the rail. It was a MISSING sign for the three hikers who disappeared on July 19th. They climbed over the guard rail at the top of the waterfall and fell down 371 feet into the rocks and rushing water never to be seen again.

Vernal Falls

We saw it on the news here in the Bay Area. What we didn't realize was the three bodies were still missing. All the photos on the sign were taken on the trail before they got to the top.

Wow. Not a happy way to start a hike.

Everyone read the sign including the kids. It was a good reminder to all of us to be extra careful.

As we walked up the trail you couldn't help but wonder what happened to the bodies. You caught yourself looking between the rocks far below.

The water was rough, popping up against the rocks.

The surge was incredibly strong.

You knew there was no way someone could survive the fall and the rushing water.

We didn't go to the top of the waterfall for a couple of reasons. The kids started complaining about being hot and tired about two minutes in. Elli was dragging behind, whining every 50 feet. Plus we knew the last half of the hike on "The Mist Trail" was slippery from the mist of the waterfall. We didn't need to push it. So the Vernal Fall Bridge was the goal.

Maya, Elli and Ben
It's a good thing too. Because about halfway up I turned around to wait for Elli and stepped off the path. I lost my balance a little. As I was steadying myself I realized I almost fell down the side which would have landed me in the rushing water. I knew right then and there, that there was no way we were hiking up a slippery trail with the kids.

View from the trail.

Vernal Falls
Vernal Falls Bridge. The waterfall is to the left.

The river rushes over the huge boulders.

Peeking out between a crevice in the rocks.
Here is a a video of the beautiful rainbows, or moonbows as they call them. You see them at all the different waterfalls.

 Pretty amazing, huh?

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