Friday, May 27, 2011

She is my enemy

We got a fun prompt for The Red Dress Club and it has me totally stumped.

I have been thinking about what to write for days and I can't think of anything that will get me from point A to point B.

The prompt was to start with "This was absolutely the last time" and end with "she was wrong." 

This was absolutely the last time .....
I would be single.....too cliche
I would reach in the big ol, now almost empty, bag of cheetos.....too cheesy
I would walk down this hall....and then what?
I would say frickin.....okay
I would drive the old smelly Cutlas.....yes, but....
I would.........blaaaah. I got nuthin.

The culprit? The second part of the prompt "she was wrong" made my forehead thump. grrrr. "She" is my enemy right now. In fact, since "she" is wrong "she" should go away. Shoo. Shoo!!!!

So here we are.

I'll be reading my pals posts over at TRDC. But no linking up for me today.

Finding a job is really weighing on me. I got a rejection email on Wednesday morning "we decided to move in another direction." Great. Wish you'd thought about that before you brought me in twice and got my hopes up. It really bummed me out because I really wanted this job.

Then I had to get myself psyched for another interview somewhere else later that day. All this rejection is starting to get to me. It has me questioning and second guessing everything I've said. I kind of feel like a helium balloon that's sinking and looking very sad.

They took my picture for my guest pass at the company I interviewed with on Wednesday. It was the scariest computer generated picture I've ever seen. The angle was odd and looked like a really bad license picture. I really hope the sweet receptionist tossed it and did not give it to the H.R. guy. Cuz if my mouth didn't sink me that picture will for sure.

I'm going to try and relax a little this weekend and rejuvenate myself. I think the stress on my face is scaring off any prospects I have. And perhaps I need a haircut. I'm looking like Ann Hathaway in The Princess Diaries before the makeover. Remember that? You would if you have a 9 year old girl in the house. Yikes!

Hey, it's Friday. Let's end this Debbie Downer post.

Have a fantastic 3-day weekend! Cheers!!

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  1. It's tough Kris, it's really tough! I know! I've been there, done that.Not fun. But you know what? Their lack of insight is their loss.You are good and you know it, and they would have found that out in quick order. So shake it off and prepare to go back into battle - someone soon will realize what a prize they can get with you, and bingo: you're back in business.Smile, laugh at the fools who missed getting you and march ahead. There is always a bright new day just ahead. We love you much.


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