Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gainey Vineyards

Last weekend we were visiting my sister and her family in Buellton. It's about 300 miles south of here. Kind of a long drive for a regular, non 3-day weekend. But it was worth it so we could see my niece dance in her ballet recital with the Los Olivos Dance Gallery.

Maya was amazing in the recital on Saturday. The dance studio is so popular the show is 3+ hours. Don and the guys took a little break from all the fun and went to a local pub at half-time, aka intermission. They missed all the big girls dance, and we missed all the heavy sighing and constant shifting and fidgeting in their seats. Ha. Not really.

It was a gorgeous, sunny day on Sunday, so we all decided to visit a winery at lunchtime. We went to Sunstone first, where we all ooed and aah'd over their Merlot.  And then headed to Gainey Vineyards for wine tasting and a picnic. It's a gorgeous place with really yummy wines.

We tasted five. Each one of us had our favorite. Here's what the family had to say.

2009 Sauvignon Blanc 
"Ooh, it's a little sweet." Kris

2007 Chardonnay 
"Oh, it's really good. My kind of chard." Caroline 

Kris, Caroline (mom) and Kathy (sister)
2008 Pinot Noir 
"May I have another sample, please?" Caroline
"Hey, it doesn't smell like goat!" Kris 

2007 Merlot 
"This merlot is excellent." Dave 
"This one's my favorite." Kris

2007 Syrah 
"It makes me happy." Kathy

Don ditched us and disappeared into the special tasting area where they were pouring Evan's Ranch wines to the fancy people. That's my Don.

I don't think anyone will be knocking on our doors asking us to judge anytime soon! Unless the scale for judging is yum, yummy and excellent.

View from the picnic area at Gainey Vineyards
We had a great time which means the five of us were loud and slightly obnoxious in the tasting room. I'm sure our host thought we were hilarious. We were definitely not those sophisticated snooty tasters acting all hoity toity. We are more like the neighbors living next door to Courtney Cox in Cougar Town.

Kris, Dave (dad) and Kathy (sister) 
My parents are coming to visit from Phoenix in two weeks so they can go to Elli's dance recital. Napa and Sonoma - consider yourself warned.

If you live in Marin you should catch the show at the Marin Civic Center. It's fantastic. We had some friends see the production of Alice two years ago and said it's as good as any Broadway show. And they should know, they're from NYC.

Roco Show
June 3rd & 4th
San Rafael
Civic Center

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