Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My new fancy olive oil carafe

Look what's new in my kitchen?

I got this for Mother's Day from Don and Elli and I forgot to tell you about it. Isn't it awesome? Chef Curtis Stone designed it. It's shiny, stylish and functional. Looooove it. I feel fancy when I use it. That sounds funny. But it's true.

They also gave me a super cute apron and new dish towels. And a really, really sharp knife. I've been chopping stuff like crazy.

Want some diced celery and carrots? I'll get it!

Need to debone a chicken. I'm your gal.

Need someone to finely dice an onion. No problem.

I don't have a picture of the knife. But it is shiny. And awesome. And safely waiting in my knife drawer for me to chop something.


Want me to slice an apple for you?

I'm starting to get my cooking mojo back. So watch out. I saw a killer recipe in Wine Spectator that I want to try.  And I'm in the mood for lemon bread. Better get baking.

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  1. Now you are beginning to scare me.........I ran to my knife drawer to sharpen my ever so dull Cutco Knives.....I'm too lazy to send them in to be sharpened..........We can have dueling knives...........I'll help you cut up something for one of your fabulous recipes......Don and Dave can make the Martinis.......
    See you this weekend!


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