Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm an email addict.

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"You're obsessed." he said. "It's like an addiction."

"No I'm not, I'm waiting for something." I responded with just a little bit of attitude.

Of course it didn't look good. I was curled up on our favorite chair in the living room zoned out checking email. In the dark. At 6am.

I knew this is would happen the minute I got a smartphone and could access my email anytime, anywhere, including in bed under the covers.
Am I obsessed?


Okay, yes. "My name is Kris, and I'm an addict."

There, I said it.

I have five, or six, email addresses. Each one serves a different purpose. Two for work, one for the blog, one for friends and family, one for retail/junk stuff, and one other that is still fresh, and untouched. I'm saving it.

I'm one of those people that remember life before email. We phoned each other and wrote letters. I loved writing letters. Way more than phoning someone. So email was made for someone like me.

I love the instant communication and response you get with email. No waiting for your letter to be delivered, read, and then a response to come. Hence the hiding under the covers waiting for a response from a friend.

I don't remember my first email. But I do remember all of us sitting in the office wondering how the computer worked. There was no WWW it was basically a fancy typewriter. Then things started to change. Slowly at first. Then everything exploded. Next to the internet the biggest life changer was email.

We all made a few 'reply all' mistakes as email rookies.
Forwarded dumb jokes.
Believed in a chain email.
Sent pictures of our kids without reducing them.
Did fundraising and planned parties.
Acted a little snarky once or twice.
And delivered a few simple "I love you. I'm sorry." messages, too. Which is why I can relate to this video.

My favorite email is yet to come. It's the one that says "We'd like to offer you a job."

I'm expecting it any day.



  1. I hate getting more than 100 emails a day. I hate not getting more than 100 emails a day. I think I'm an addict too.

    Thanks for pointing this out Kris. And my day was off to such a good start. Back to bed, so I can check email on my smart phone under the covers.

  2. Ha. I feel the same way. Oh, and I read your comment while curling my hair with one hand and reading email with the other!!! I'm a freak.

  3. Hi, My name is Kathy. I'm an under-the-covers, on the toilet, driving iPhone addict. It's not pretty.


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