Sunday, April 10, 2011

Homegrown Marin Market - Part II

Don and I went to the market on Sunday. He didn't really want to go. But he went. And let me just tell you. The man sampled every item in the market. Everything. And it was all delicious.

Our strategy was to taste everything then go back and buy stuff. We actually ran out of cash. We went to make our last purchase at the Flavored Butter table and didn't have enough money. Kind of embarrassing and really sad. I wanted the chile lime butter it was really good. I'll have to wait until next time.

We'll definitely go again next month and take Elli with us. She would have loved it. We bought her some Himalayan Sea Salt as a present. The girl loves salt. Plus the company gives back 10% from every purchase to help build schools for girls. And next month my friend Michelle Stern will be there with her new cookbook.

Here's what you missed! I didn't get pictures of everything. Cuz you know, I was busy eating. It's hard to juggle the camera, purse, samples. Man, it's hard work being me!

Artisinal Pasta from Renata Sardo @ Baia Pasta

Fresh Corn Cuisine: Chilean corn pies with chicken, cheese or spinach.
 Honey from the Bay Area Bee Company
The honey bee guy.

Lucilia's Salsa - Homemade Salsa. Of course we bought the HOT with Habanero peppers.
Saucy dumplings. Dim sum with a twist.
Homemade potato chips from Wolfcreek Potato Slicing Co.
Rosy Cheeks award winning cupcakes.
Stroop Werks waffle cookies filled with melted caramel. YUM-MY.
Himalayan Pure Salt from Buddha Salt Company
Elizabeth from Buddha Salt Company and me
Other vendors that were there:
Homegrown Marin Market
Every month in San Rafael
827 4th Street
11am - 5pm

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  1. I am SO THERE! The DH plays ball in San Rafael some Sundays throughout the summer. How could I stay away?


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