Monday, March 21, 2011

Erasing memories in Pine Point

Have you ever thought about what happens to a town that has one major industry and that industry gets shut down? You could try to reinvent the town. Or, you could just shut it down and erase it from the map. That's what this town did.

I first saw this video on Dooce back in February and it's kind of haunted me ever since.

When I was young we moved around a lot. My dad was an executive on the fast track which meant we moved for the next opportunity.

We enjoyed going back to visit the old neighborhood to see what our house looked like, and how big the trees had grown. I can't imagine going back and seeing nothing.

Besides the story being interesting. The way they tell the story fascinates me. It's kind of a slide show/video/hit the NEXT button kind of thing. The music is haunting, the pictures will remind you of those your parents probably have laying around in their house, and the cast of characters are in every town.

Watch and tell me what you think.

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