Monday, February 7, 2011

Sunset over Mill Valley

This is the view from our house.

You can see a sliver of moon!
Pretty spectacular, huh?

Mt. Tamalpais at Sunset

I caught a glimpse of the sunset last Saturday night when I was standing in the kitchen. I grabbed my camera and pointed it towards the sliding glass doors. Thank goodness I'm married to someone smarter than me. Because Don immediately recognized that I needed guidance. "You're not going to take it in here are you?" he asked. "Oh. No. I'm going outside."I said.  And out I ran. In my socks. Sheesh.  (I was just going to try to snag a shot from in the kitchen. I'm eye rolling myself.) What was I thinking? I would have ended up with this.....

Instead of this.

So pretty.

Mill Valley rocks.

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  1. Yes these are spectacular! I tried (and failed) one day to take photographs of purple/orange/red dusk skies because there were too many trees in the way. If only I had your view :)


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