Saturday, January 1, 2011

TCU - 2011 Rosebowl Champions

Picture by Kristy Washburn Rapson, '86
Congrats to my alma mater. It was a great game! I can't wait to see all my office mates on Monday!

This has been in my office for 2 weeks. You can imagine how happy everyone is that the game is finally over.

It was a little bigger than I imagined it would be. Ha!


  1. That was a GREAT game! Too bad I didn't win the office pool though BOO HOO!!

  2. It was a great game. So fun to watch. I'm totally naming our next pet TANK. That kid was awesome.
    Sorry you didn't win any moola in the office pool. NO ONE in our family won. BUM-MER. Oh well!


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