Monday, December 13, 2010

Bloody Mary

'Tis the season for a spicy Bloody Mary.

I don't know why we only drink these during the holidays. But it's kind of tradition. And I guess it would seem weird drinking them any other time.

My dad is usually the king mixer of this spicy cocktail. But since he's a million miles away Don has taken over the Bloody Mary making duties.

We like ours spicy, with a squeeze of lime and of course a stalk of celery. A nice olive is good too.

Are you a fan of Bloody Mary's? What's your secret ingredient? Care to share your recipe?

I must confess. After I wrote this I REALLY wanted a bloody mary. But sitting alone in your living room drinking a vodka cocktail just doesn't seem right. So I poured myself a glass of the mix, with a squeeze of lime and a skewer of olives and it hit the spot. aaaaaaaaaah

It's like having a snack and a drink all in one. Quite tasty!

Ok. I'm not exactly alone. Don and Bentley are sleeping on the couch and Elli is playing with a friend upstairs. I'm sure mommy drinking vodka during a playdate is frowned upon. So a virgin mary is definitely the right choice.  But all this talk about vodka....... just kidding. I'm really not a fan. Wine is my thing.

I'm leaving now. I'm starting to talk crazy. You're going to start thinking I really did dip into the vodka. I didn't. I'm just giddy for olives.


  1. Post your recipe! Clay has been drinking virgin Bloody Mary's since he was a toddler. (I wonder if that is "modeling"?)

  2. I call this the BLT Mary- My friends love it!

    Start by infusing your favorite vodka with bacon. Bake or microwave a half pound of bacon. Pour the drippings into a quart jar of vodka. Put the bacon aside for later. Stir or shake the jar over the course of an hour or two, then place it in the freezer. Once the oil has separated from the vodka into a solid piece, remove it. (Perhaps Martha Stewart could think of a creative use for this byproduct. I discard it.)
    Fill a shaker with ice. Crack plenty of fresh black pepper over the ice, then crack some more. Pepper really gives it life. Splash worchesterhsire and add a dash of celery salt. Squeeze 1/4 wedge of fresh lemon, then pour a couple jiggers of the bacon infused vodka. Cover with your favorite tomato juice and shake well. Pour into a frosted glass. Grind three more turns of black pepper and sprinkle with celery salt over the top. Serve with a sprig of freshly cooked bacon and a crisp romaine lettuce leaf for garnish.

  3. Greg, I love it. 'Cuz we all know I love bacon. That is one unique Bloody Mary!!!! THANKS!!!

  4. I think your friend needs to patent that infused bacon vodka idea. I know several people that would buy it!


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