Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Turkey in the bag

Cooking the turkey on Thanksgiving is the easiest part of the meal. It doesn't take much to season the bird to create a delicious turkey. There are all kinds of ways to season and roast a turkey.  I always use one of these oven bags.  I found this box in the back of the cabinet so I'm all set for this year. Yeah!

Your turkey will come out perfect. No muss. No fuss. No basting. No worrying. Just season the bird, stick it in the bag and bake it according to the package instructions. It will be brown and moist and deeeeelicous.

I picked up our turkey last weekend at Smart and Final. I was going to buy a fresh bird. But the girl at the checkout sold me on a deal they had. If you spent $25 you got the turkey for 39¢ a pound. I raced back to the turkey section and swapped turkeys. My turkey ended up costing me just $4.43. I had plenty of time to thaw it. And since I got a small bird it doesn't take up that much space in the fridge. (You can check out all the amazing deals at Smart and Final in their weekly circular here.)

I use the same recipe that I've used from the first time I ever made a turkey. It's from the Silver Palate Cookbook. It's really easy and makes a moist and delicious bird. You fill the cavity of the bird with sliced oranges, salt and pepper. Smear butter, salt and pepper all over the outside of the bird and squeeze oranges all over it too. Seal up the bag. Pop it in the oven. And let the magic happen.

I found a sweet potato recipe on the Silver Palate website that looks yummy. I'm going to attempt to make it tomorrow.
Doesn't it sound yummy!? The only problem is I bought yams. Not sweet potatoes. Is there a difference? And I don't have any spiced cranberry apple chutney. But I have apples and Cranberry. I'll figure something out.

What are you making tomorrow? This is our Thanksgiving menu:

Roasted Turkey and gravy
Cornbread stuffing
Parmesan smashed potatoes
Cranberry-Orange Glazed Sweet Potatoes (Yams?)
Cranberry Sauce
Apple crumble pie

Have a wonderful day tomorrow! Enjoy your feast and your time with friends and family.

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