Monday, November 22, 2010

Hand whipped cream

Yes. You read it correctly. Hand whipped cream.

I've been watching too much Top Chef. Remember on Top Chef Just Desserts when they split the contestants into two teams and then gave them each a task in one of the Quick Fire challenges? Well I do. And apparently it's been on the back of my mind. Because last Saturday I got the crazy idea to whip some cream by hand to make a topping for a pecan pie Don had bought.

There are two words to describe this. OUCH and YUM.

Holy schnikes. Whipping cream by hand hurts. My biceps and forearm were like - WOOAH! But if I did this all the time my right arm might just look like this:

Of course if I make whipped cream all the time and then EAT it. I will look like this:

Good thing I don't eat desserts that much. 

In case you're wondering, I used the side-to-side style whipping motion vs. the circular motion. It was much easier and just as effective. If you don't know what I'm talking about well, sorry!

For those of you thinking of having whipped cream on Thanksgiving, I say go for it! Assign this job to one of the men hanging out in the living room. Make them flex a few muscles instead of just sitting there all comfy watching you sweat in the kitchen.

Good luck. And let me know how it goes!


  1. I just use my KitchenAid. Same result, just less work. You know me, I'm looking for the easy way out!

  2. Kelly, that's what I usually do!! I wanted to see if I could do it like the chefs. I can now check it off my list. And it's back to the KitchenAid for me!

  3. ...I have kitchenaid ENVY.....I'm waiting for a hand-me-down....anyone? anyone?

  4. Ina Garten says to chill the bowl first, the cream sets-up faster. I also chill the mixer whisks-maybe that helps!

  5. Hi! You (and Ina, my idol) are right. Chilling the bowl definitely helps. I usually use the kitchen aid too. I just wanted to try it by hand to see if I could do it! Mission accomplished.

    : ) Kris


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