Thursday, November 11, 2010

A day in my life.

I've recently spent a lot of time in this room. It's called an edit suite.

Suite 4 at One Union Recording in San Francisco
Elli has been here. She's been in the area called "the booth" recording commercials. You can see a music stand way in the back. That's "the booth" it's actually a soundproof room where the talent goes to read their lines. We need the window to see them so we can give direction and feedback. Imagine my little Elli in this room! It was awesome.

This is where the client and agency sit while the talent is in the booth and the engineer is at the controls. It's here that we make radio commercials and record voiceovers for TV commercials and movies. It's pretty cool and often really challenging. But most of the time it's just really fun. You do have to have a really good ear for the "good" takes and timing is everything when working with sound. But if you have a good team it's no big deal.

So what's my job in all this? I'm there making sure all the objectives have been met and the client is happy. I'm full of opinions. Sometimes they listen to me. And sometimes they don't. For some sessions I organize the talent (like I did for this campaign.) Other times the writer is in charge and I'm just there to lend an additional ear and confirm the copy points are made correctly. And every once in a while they let me pick the restaurant for lunch.

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