Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy Trés Chic Wine Wednesday!

Hello my wine loving friends.

What have you been drinking? I'm dieing to know!

The BevMo 5¢ sale is on. Have you gone? I haven't been myself, but Don meanered over and picked up some goodies.

One wine he picked up is one of my favorites, the 2009 Zolo Gaucho Select Malbec, it's on sale for  $15.99 + .05¢ for the second bottle.

Look who's hiding.
On Sunday night I brought a bottle of 2009 The Honorable Pinot Gris to book club. Cuz that's what book club is all about. Us mom's drinking wine, gabbing, and eventually talking about the book OUR DAUGHTERS READ for THEIR book club. Yeah, that's pretty much how we roll around here. It's fuuuuun. The book was good and scary too "Tales of Desperaux."

Anyway, it was really tasty. I'm glad we have a second bottle, I really like it. It's perfect on a hot summer night in the middle of October! I would definitely buy this again. And drumroll's only $14.99 + .05¢ for the second bottle. Oh yeah.

Here are Wilfred's picks for the sale. One of them is the Shiloh Road Chardonnay. Check out this picture! We just drove past this on Sunday. I had to get a picture!

Taken on 101 heading north to Healsburg
And here it is on the shelves at BevMo!

Wilfred gives it 91 pts. It's on the 5¢ sale right now too for just $16.99 + .05¢ bottle.

I can't help myself. I still love BevMo. No, actually I love wine. BevMo has some good juice at a good price. So I heart BevMo.

Warning:  keep track of your little pink piggies. According to their new TV commercial it's a dangerous world for little pink piggy banks.

It's very.........very......... scary.

eeee eee eee eeee


  1. I'm gonna have to figure out how to squeeze in a trip to BevMo every now and then........hmmmm....too good to pass up. Guess that means I'll just have to make more "pleasure" trips to SB! Darn. =)

  2. Oh my gosh. Now that they have the new store in Santa Barbara you HAVE TO GO! Go now while the 5¢ sale is on!


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