Thursday, September 9, 2010

Suck in your gut little missy.

Remember the first time you felt you had to suck in your gut? How uncomfortable and yucky it was?

Well, Elli came home from ballet class yesterday complaining that her teacher Miss Erika told her to stand tall and suck in her gut several times. Elli was just completely thrown off. She's never sucked in her gut for more than a second.

"I cannot get as tall as the other girls. It's impossible." she cried out. "I cannot dance sucking in my gut. It hurts!" Uh yeah. Welcome to my world. 

She showed me what the teacher had her do, how it elongated her body, and made her compact little body look lean - the way a ballet dancer does.

Elli's immediate reaction. I hate ballet. I don't want to do it anymore.

Ha. Get used to it missy. Nothing in life is easy. Keep practicing. Listen to your teacher.


  1. Love it!!!! Don't you remember Mom always coming up behind us and straightening our shoulders and backs and telling us to tuck in our tummies? I'm tortured with this habit to this day! Even when I have a tummy ache I still find myself painfully sucking in my gut. :-P

  2. I KNOW!!! She was a maniac about "no slouching", "stand up straight" and "suck in your tummy." And the oh so popular "ELBOWS OFF THE TABLE!!!"

    I love torturing Elli with that one.

  3. I fully torture my kids at the table too.....Ben especially.......he eats like a CAVE MAN!!!!!! I'm always reminding him that we are CIVILIZED and not CAVE people.


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