Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Plop plop, fizz fizz, it's not what you think it is!

It's Trés Chic Wine Wednesday and I'm featuring Kool-Aid. What the heck? I'll have another new wine for you soon. I promise.

Elli went to the store with her dad recently and came home with this.

He's much nicer than me in the store. I'm the queen of "No!" Of course I take her shopping MUCH MORE than Don does. So he doesn't deal with the constant "I WANT" with everything she sees. She just starts spewing out everything that comes in her sightline in hopes it's something I might respond to. It's actually kind of comical. "Can I have a donut? yogurt? ice cream? Toaster Struedels? Chicken nuggets? Bacon? Corn Nuts? Doritos? Lunchable? Sugar Cereal? It seriously goes on, and on, and on. It's a nightmare. Of course I remember being the same way.

So when they came home with the Kool-Aid Fun Fizz packets I wasn't completely surprised.

Poor Elli just drinks water most of the time anyway. And you know why?  That's what she likes! The girl likes water. We are so lucky. We don't drink soda. We stopped drinking it years ago so we never have it in the house. She's tried it. But she doesn't really like it. She'll occasionally drink juice or milk. But what she really likes is water. Yeah!

Getting ready to drop in the tables with her friend Olivia.
Plop! (uh, check out the excellent photography here people! I caught the plop in action!)
Already excited in anticipation of the frizzy concoction!

Watching the magic happen.

As you can imagine, she loved it. And her friend loved it. I checked the label and I don't think it has any harmful ingredients. But who knows. It seems like there is some product in the news everyday that's got someone up in arms. I'm still kind of confused about the corn syrup debate. But back to fizzy water. I'm trusting Kraft/Kool-Aid a brand that mom's have been trusting for years is keeping things real. Right? Right???

It's healthier than soda. And they sure had fun with it.

What do your kids BEG for in the grocery store? How often do you give in?


  1. Ben begs for Root Beer and Slim Jims (YUCK!) which I never cave in to, but which Mike ALWAYS caves in to (the Slim Jims that is). Maya begs for candy at the check out and sliced turkey from the deli (go figure!). She ONLY likes the sliced turkey RIGHT after it's been sliced at the store. She wont touch it once it's arrived home. :/

  2. I can't believe you used the Gramma Jane "up in arms" phrase! I thought I was the only one who picked up that habit! Clay & Mark tease me mercilessly when I say it.

    Clay was a milk/water guy until he turned 13. He still doesn't drink "pop" much but, when his friends do...

  3. THAT IS SO FUNNY. I wonder how much I say "up in arms." Now that you mention it, I know my dad says it. I'll have to ask Don! I pick up everything. It's a terrible habit and makes Don crazy. I don't even realize it. : )


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