Friday, September 17, 2010

PART II - Dishwasher soap comparison: Cascade vs. Bright Green

Check. It. Out!

This JUST arrived at my office from Safeway Corporate. A box filled with Bright Green goodies. About 6 weeks ago I blogged about my drinking glasses looking streaky and yucky so I switched dishwasher soaps. Well, guess what people. There ARE people out there reading our blogs and they do care if our glasses are streaky. They don't like it either. So they sent me this:

Super cool tote bag. Nice.

Big bottle of dishwasher soap, a water bottle, a tote and a laundry soap sample.

Looks like I better do some cooking this weekend so I can try out their newly reformulated soap that reduces spots and streaks. 'Cuz we really don't want this to happen again. Remember? Yeah. Not good.

Gotta do some dishes before I can report back.

Big thanks to Safeway, and Cristina Stanley for reaching out to little 'ol me in Mill Valley. This worldwide web stuff is kinda nuts, huh?


  1. Need the goods on the new soap! I am currently finishing a HUGE bottle of Kirland's and am about to go back to Cascade.

  2. So far so good with the new soap. But we need to give it more time! My glasses didn't turn cloudy in one washing. So be patient my little friends!!! : )

  3. I have plenty of dishes to send you so you can complete your project sooner.........Let me know.........
    Dirty dish lady!


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