Monday, August 9, 2010

Oh yeah. Linguine with Onion, Bacon and Parmesan

I heart bacon.

Have you ever tried to cook bacon without eating any? OK, maybe those of you that don't eat bacon can resist. (But you wouldn't be cooking it anyway.) For those of that eat bacon - it is nearly impossible to keep your hands off the bacon bits. And for those of you that don't eat bacon - what's up with that?  If it's for religious reasons I would petition someone to change the "rules" and ban liver or lima beans. Banning bacon is just cruel.

You'll never experience a spinach salad with crispy bacon bits, a fillet wrapped with bacon, a BLT with fresh heirloom tomato, crisp lettuce and bacon, bacon wrapped scallops, bacon wrapped shrimp, chocolate and bacon cupcakes, a triple decker club sandwich, or a basic cheese omelet with crispy bacon strips on the side.

Maple Bacon Bar @Voodoo Doughnut
I even saw a donut on TV recently with bacon. Voodoo Doughnut shop in Oregon makes a donut called the Maple Bacon Bar. It's a yeast donut with maple frosting and bacon on top! It's like having pancakes, syrup and bacon to go. How awesome is that? Ok. It's kinda gross. But someone probably likes it!

Today's featured recipe is......Linguine (or fettuccine) with Onion, Bacon and Parmesan.

Could you substitute the bacon for something else? Of course. I think it would taste good with chicken, scallops, or shrimp. But it's really good with bacon.

Here is the inspirational picture.

Linguine with Onion, Bacon and Parmesan
Super easy. Super yummy. A perfect weeknight meal that the whole bacon-loving family will enjoy.

Fry the bacon then cook the onions in 2T of bacon fat. And try to leave some bacon for the pasta. mmmmm bacon.
And here it is on the table! I used Fettuccine noodles and they worked just fine.
The recipe.

I asked Don what his favorite food thing is with bacon. Before he even had a chance to answer Elli leaped off her chair and screamed. "Bacon!? Are you eating bacon? I want some! Where's the bacon. You said there was bacon?" Whoa Nelly. No bacon. Just talking about bacon. You should have seen her sad little puppy eyes. Poor baby.

Here's where I got the fab recipe. I have three of these "Quick from Scratch" books from Food and Wine. I love them all.

*Donut image courtesy of Voodoo Doughnut.

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  1. Boy,am I ever with you on changing the rules and banning liver and lima beans - ugh! Your recipe sounds good. Wonder if the love of my life might be interested?


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