Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Myth Buster - Dogs like to watch TV

Last Sunday Don and I were relaxing in the living room. I was typing away on my computer, as usual, and Don was watching something on National Geographic. I wasn't watching. It was just noise in the background. When suddenly Bentley, our little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, started barking and growling at the TV. What the heck? "Don, what is he barking at?" I say.  "The TV. He's barking at the dogs on TV." Ha! He was actually watching TV.

He was mesmerized by the action. His head and eyes were following the dog from left to right, and when they barked, he barked. Too funny. Now Don has someone to watch animal shows with.

Look at this sweet little face.
Now picture him growling and barking at these cute dogs and kids!!
They were watching a show called And Man Created Dog on National Geographic. Don loves these shows. Actually Don likes any and all shows with animals - dogs, sharks, whales - he's kind of obsessed. So Bentley has plenty of opportunity to watch fellow doggies on TV. The three men in my herd (Don, Sam and Bentley) will sit there watching these shows for hours. Don snacks. Bentley growls and barks, and Sam naps. Pretty much what guys do when they get together.

Shows over. Back to napping with Sam, his BFF.


  1. So?Guys like animals. Guys also like to eat. Guys like girls. So, a guy with his best girl sitting on the couch, snacking on large size shrimp and watching "Lassie" movies! Heaven on earth!

  2. Too funny. You forgot to mention Sir Aston sitting in your lap!


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