Monday, June 14, 2010

Meeting other bloggers and some very clever girls!

Happy Monday! Guess what I did yesterday? I went to a blogging mixer in San Francisco where I got to meet a bunch of nice ladies, ate yummy food, and drank some nice Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.

The mixer was organized by two groups that work with bloggers - Blogalicious and Clever Girls Collective. Here are the beautiful, and oh-so-clever, girls! I follow all of these girls on Twitter so it was fun meeting them in person.

Pictured left to right, Cat, Sheila, Kristy and Stefania

The mixer was held at Le Colonial Restaurant in San Francisco. There were about sixty bloggers in all. Lots of yummy food and drinks. I only dropped two appetizers on the floor. Yes, two. One was the lobster wonton. It slipped right off my napkin and BAM! right on the floor.

The other was this. The rice cracker snapped in two and immediately fell right on the floor. Nice. You'll be happy to know I did not spill my drink once.

Lucky for me I clicked with two ladies right away. Lizzie and Rachael both live in my hood - San Francisco and Mill Valley. Lizzie B is an ex-news anchor that is now a stay-at-home mom and has a videoblog LizzieBTV. She is very outgoing and funny. I helped her film an interview with Kim Coles for her blog.

Rachael writes a blog called HappyMommyBlog. She lives in Mill Valley and her oldest daughter will be attending Elli's elementary school in the fall. And now I know another blogger in Mill Valley that I can carpool with to events. YEAH!!

Kim Coles, the comedian, actress and blogger was there too. She's really nice, quite funny, really pretty and quite tall! I have to admit I had NO IDEA who she was when I got the invite to the party. But now I know her, and I'll definitely keep my eyes open for stuff she's in.

It was a fun afternoon. This party was much better for me than the first blogger thing I went to.  I'm getting the hang of talking to a bunch of strangers. I don't know why I get so nervous and giggly. My ability to make small talk with some people is really lacking. There are just certain people that I meet for which I have absolutely nothing to say beyond the usual weather, traffic, nice place, kind of commentary. So once we get through those topics it's REALLY awkward. And this is exactly why I'm not in sales.

Here's the swag bag we got at the end. It had lots of goodies from the event sponsors. Elli is pretty excited about the free ice cream coupon and was really bummed that the big chocolate bar is actually a wax magnet. But I think it will give her hours of enjoyment tricking all her friends.


  1. Along with our best friends Larry and Erma we had a blast at the BevMo 5 cent sale.....We followed your was like being on a treasure hunt. We will have losts of fun tasting the wines in Tahoe. Keep those lists coming....they are a big help and lots of we like the "5 cent "part.

  2. You are shades of your aunt had me in stitches.

  3. Hi! You're right! I am like Aunt Kacey - I remember all the stories - and of course the famous Aunt Jemima syrup debacle!!!!


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