Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Learning how to play golf

Elli had her first golf lesson while we were in Tahoe last week. Ok, maybe it wasn't an "official" golf lesson. But she did get some great tips on how to hit her new driver from my brother Bill who is quite the excellent golfer.

He can hit the ball really far and with great accuracy with any club. His own clubs got wet and then rusty in his garage and he can still smack the ball three times as far as I do.

He picked up Elli's little driver called the Launcher and hit the ball 225 yards! Yowzer. So he was the obvious choice to give her a lesson.

Elli is super excited to learn how to play which makes me really happy. It's something we can all do as a family. Plus, knowing how to play golf is an excellent skill to have. She is going to be an excellent business woman someday and taking clients golfing is perfect. And trust me she will have a job in sales. She can pretty much convince anyone to do or buy anything. Just ask Don.

Last week the boys (Don, Dad and Bill) went golfing at Tahoe Donner Golf Course and took Elli along. She played one hole, the short par 3, and actually landed on the green, which is better than I did! The day I played I overshot the green and landed in the woods in a pile of wood chips. Boo hoo. 

Tahoe Donner, Hole #18

Next up is getting her to swim in the ocean so she can snorkel and scuba dive with me and Don. She knows how to swim and has a really nice stroke and great lung capacity. Just one teeny problem. She's afraid of getting eaten by sharks. She wouldn't even go in the lake because of sharks. I don't know how many times we discussed the fact that there ARE NO SHARKS IN A LAKE. She wouldn't listen. Very stubborn. She'll swim like a fish in the pool. But will not swim in the ocean which is a major bummer.

I wish we lived closer to Florida where the water is warm and clear. Anyone have any tips?

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